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Mailani is a Hawaiian word that describes the essence of this Wahi Pana (this celebrated place). It brings to mind our Royalty whose footprints we walk alongside today - Whose presence can be felt with the wafting fragrance of the ginger, the soft sway of the coconut fronds in the late night, and the soft song of the sea caressing the sand.

Our Mailani Tower nestled into one of the finest resorts of the world, The Royal Hawaiian, sits upon the grounds of Helumoa, in the heart of Waikiki,  once a favored retreat for Hawaiian Royalty.  It is here where they bathed in the healing waters of Waikiki and spent their days in the shade of the niu (coconut trees.)

Poised to recapture the imaginations of a new generation of pleasure seekers, Mailani Tower gracefully bridges the sumptuous splendor of the property’s original allure with the conveniences and comforts expected by modern travelers, offering luxurious amenities and personalized services.

“Rethought and reimagined, Mailani Tower embraces the iconic legacy of The Royal Hawaiian for a new generation of cosmopolitan Island visitors." - Cheryl Williams, General Manager, of The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort.

Discover the Essence of Hawaiian Hospitality with a Reflection of Modern Luxury at Mailani Tower.