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The use of the Internet by visitors traveling to Hawaii on vacation or for business continues to grow. To cater to our guests needs, The Royal Hawaiian offers access to the internet via a number of methods and continues to develop with the technological advancements of the times.

Guest Room Internet Access

High-Speed Internet Access is available in all the guest rooms at our luxury resort on Oahu. Prices are as follows (subject to change without notice):

  • Daily Basic High-Speed Internet $14 (This plan is included in the resort charge)
  • Daily Internet Premium Speed $28 ($14 upgrade from basic high-speed with daily resort charge)

Guests may charge to their rooms or to their credit cards. Access is offered via a wired solution in the room or via wireless service.

On-Command TV Internet

The ON-Command TV Internet service features a second-generation browser and a stand-alone TV email tool or access to your on-line e-mail sites such as Google, Yahoo! or Hotmail. Through the TV internet service, resort guests may search their favorite internet sites as our browser instantly formats the screens for television viewing. Screen designs and instructions make it easy for guests to navigate the internet, which can be done with the wireless keyboard provided in the room. Daily fees apply. NOTE: This service does not offer connections to personal equipment such as a laptop.


Wireless Access is available to guests who have purchased it from our guest rooms via credit card (it is included in the resort charge). We are able to offer roaming services whereby if a guest at The Royal Hawaiian purchases High Speed Internet Access in his/her guest room, they will be able to roam wirelessly and use our signal at the Sheraton Waikiki, Sheraton Princess Kauilani and Moana Surfrider, provided they are able to acquire the wireless signal. The general public is also able to purchase High Speed Internet Access from these wireless access points, based on the same rate plans, via credit card.