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A multi-million dollar transformation completed in 2010, marked The Royal rebirth of the 17-story Royal Beach Tower, originally constructed in 1969.

The Royal Beach Tower Ocean Suite draws inspiration from the view of the Pacific’s cool, clear waters. Calm your spirit and reflect on the day’s adventures in our Luxury Collection bed. Discuss your daily plans for our island paradise in your own sitting area with armchairs. Reconnect to the world with a flat-screen cable television, custom designed work desk, an iPod dock alarm clock, and high-speed Internet access, or escape into relaxation with our bath amenities.

In-room features and fixtures include authentic Hawaiian artwork which represent The Royal’s rebirth.
Collaborative artists, Solomon Enos and Carl F.K. Pao, both born on the island of O’ahu, bring the
Waikiki reef and the Coconut Grove gardens of Helumoa to life in their abstract imagery full of color and vitality. The coconut and the ocean, both reflections of our heritage and symbols of rebirth and renewal, represent life, prosperity and paradise.

Similarly, the modern amenities including the soft close drawers, toto washlets, illuminated makeup and vanity mirrors, imported lanai furniture and decorative glass tile from Italy, headboard reading lamps, plush bedding and spacious interiors, merge seamlessly with the natural woods, island inspired color palette, indigenous Hawaiian furnishings and pink fabric hues reminiscent of the resort’s façade.

The design breathes a new air of Royalty; it is at once authentic and cultured in appearance, presenting a rejuvenated sense of place for The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki.

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