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The Beginning of a New Era

The story of Mailani begins with the essence of this Wahi Pana (this celebrated place). It is brought to life through the sacred grounds that The Royal Hawaiian sits upon, a once favored retreat for Hawaiian Royalty and for elite travelers all around the world.  It is through this royal lineage that the inspiration for the Mailani Tower was conceived; to capture a new generation of sophisticated global explorers, seeking a distinctive new experience in a contemporary and stylish retreat.

The Pink GingerMailani-Pink-Ginger

Flourish throughout the grounds of Helumoa, are the graceful elegance of pink gingers blooming.  Selected for its beauty and delicate scent, the Pink Ginger has long been a prized symbol of honor and friendship in the Islands of Hawai’i; fitting to be the icon for the Mailani Tower.

With the consideration of the unique Hawaiian culture, traditional shapes were aligned with a contemporary arrangement of the gingers to create a new icon—elegant, authentic, and a reflection of Hawaii’s origins.


Mailani-Tower-LogoMailani Promise

The final result is a six Pink Ginger blossom designed to evoke the standard of excellence in Hawaii hospitality.  It is through the sense of place and culture that the icon of the Mailani Tower speaks to its promise, to deliver indulgence worthy of today’s sophisticated global explorers.





In the Press

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